Where to Ski and How to Ski Advice from Experts

Want to become an expert skier, with a knowledge of the mountains so vast that your friends queue up to go on ski holidays with you? Welove2ski gives you the advice and solutions you need to become a modern-day mountain master.

Why we're here

We're Sean, Peter and Felice. Between the three of us, we've been to more than 500 different ski resorts in 22 different countries. We've written features about skiing in every national newspaper and 100s of UK and international magazines. We've talked about skiing on the radio and TV. Our friends know this. So do their friends. Once upon a time, each of us would receive at least a couple of calls a day from acquaintances and friends of friends. We knew about ski holidays, and they needed advice. We were more than happy to help of course, but we couldn't help thinking: isn't there a better way? These days, we tell them to come to Welove2ski. Because this is everything we know about ski holidays, and we do our best to make sure it stays the most useful resource on the Internet for skiers and snowboarders alike. Are we missing something you'd like to see? Email us and let us know.

What we aren't

We are most definitely not one of those BUY! BUY! BUY! sites, where every resort in the world is brilliant, and even a week in Bulgaria is worth seven hundred quid. Our aim is to create an unbiased, BS-free environment, powered by our love of skiing, and informed by our many years on the slopes.

More about the editors

Welove2ski was founded in June 2007 by Sean Newsom. Sean always used to resign when he came back from skiing holidays. "First day back in the office, I'd sit down, and suddenly I couldn't bear it anymore," he remembers. "So I did the only sensible thing, and made a job out of skiing." Actually, he snowboards as well as skis, and has written about both in the British press for 15 years. For the last eight years, he's been the ski editor of The Sunday Times. A former co-author of Hardy's Skiing & Snowboarding Guide, Peter is the Ski Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. He describes himself as a ski gypsy - visiting around 40 resorts each season in the course of his work ("Well, someone has to do it, so it might as well be me"). Peter has skied since he first went to Lech as a child on a family holiday and has since been to some 500 resorts around the world. He remains completely obsessed by snow. Felice first put on a pair skis in Switzerland at the age of four and became so hooked that she was obliged to make her living out of it. She contributes to most of the national newspapers and lifestyle magazines. When not skiing she writes about her unusual adventures, which include abseiling off the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town and paragliding in Zermatt. She has written a book called The Tennis Champion Who Escaped the Nazis.