Welove2ski is all about where-to-ski and how-to-ski advice from experts

Want to become an expert skier, with a knowledge of the mountains so vast that your friends queue up to go on ski holidays with you? Welove2ski gives you the advice and solutions you need to become a modern-day mountain master.

Why we're here

We're Nicola and Katie. Between us, we've been to hundreds of ski resorts. We've written features about skiing in every national newspaper and dozens of UK and international magazines.

Based in the Portes du Soleil, Nicola publishes and edits Fall Line Skiing - the UK’s longest running ski magazine still in print and an advanced skier’s bible - while Katie edits the website.

We've talked about skiing on podcasts. We’ve been guest speakers at ski shows. We’ve contributed to ski guidebooks. We live and breathe all things ski.

And here we collect everything we know about ski holidays, doing our best to make sure Welove2ski stays the most useful resource on the internet for skiers and snowboarders alike.

Welove2ski is the antithesis of anonymous online content creation. Our readers know that when they come to Welove2ski they will find personal, engaging content written by real, passionate skiers having real, relatable experiences. This is what keeps them coming back.

Are we missing something you'd like to see? Email us and let us know.

What we aren't

We are most definitely not one of those BUY! BUY! BUY! sites, where every resort in the world is brilliant. Our aim is to create an unbiased, BS-free environment, powered by our love of skiing, and informed by our years on the slopes.

More about the editors

The original Welove2ski founders

Welove2ski was founded in June 2007 by Sean Newsom. Sean always used to resign when he came back from skiing holidays. "First day back in the office, I'd sit down, and suddenly I couldn't bear it anymore," he remembers. "So I did the only sensible thing, and made a job out of skiing." Sean has written about skiing in the British press for over 20 years and been the ski editor of The Times for over a decade.

Working on Welove2ski for nearly as long as Sean was Peter Hardy - a former co-author of Hardy's Skiing & Snowboarding Guide, and the Ski Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail - and Felice Hardy, who first put on a pair of skis in Switzerland at the age of four and has contributed to most of the national newspapers and lifestyle magazines over the years, as well as Welove2ski.

Together, the trio set out to create the most comprehensive online resource for skiers and snowboarders seeking information and advice on all aspects of the sport, from where to go to what to wear.

In 2023, Sean, Peter and Felice handed over the reins to Nicola, Welove2ski’s new Chief Editor.

Nicola caught the skiing bug aged four, racing internationally as a teenager and qualifying as a BASI instructor before becoming a ski journalist and moving to the Portes du Soleil, where she currently lives with her equally ski-mad husband and sons. As well as an Editor for Welovetoski.com, Nicola is the Publisher & Editor of Fall Line Skiing magazine, and the Editor of Ski+board magazine, the magazine of the Ski Club of Great Britain.

Katie is Digital Editor of Fall Line Skiing and Welove2ski, as well as a freelance ski journalist. She came to ski writing in 2013, after a short stint off-topic at a newspaper in Istanbul, which, unlikely as it might sound, set in motion a love of skiing and snowboarding in lesser known mountain ranges. The quest for off-the-beaten-track skiing continues…