Family Skiing Holidays: How to Keep Everyone Happy


Taking children on holiday requires careful planning and a substantial amount of luck. For too many parents, the whole enjoyment factor disappears on the morning of Day Two when the smallest member of the family tearfully refuses to return to the kindergarten, creche or ski school. It’s not just the language difference either. The attitude towards childcare in ski resorts varies dramatically from resort to resort and country to country. We can tell you the pros and cons of a tour operator’s creche versus the resort kindergarten, recommend the best age to start your little ones in ski school, and help you to find the best type of ski accommodation. Babies and toddlers have special needs on a family holiday. Should you take the easy option and leave your baby at home with nanny, family or friend, or could you take him or her with you? For most people, going baby-less on a family holiday complete with healthy mountain air, is unthinkable. And what do you do once your children have outgrown conventional ski school? Keeping teenagers’ attention firmly focussed on the pistes and the lifts for which you’ve paid a three-figure sum can be the trickiest part of the ski holiday.

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