Snow Report


If you’re wondering where the best snow is, you’ve come to the right place. Our snow report is a twice-weekly update of conditions in the Alps and North America which tells it like it is. Use it in conjunction with our snow forecast maps and you’ll get a pretty complete picture of how the ski season is shaping up. To produce the reports, we draw on all kinds of information: updates from the information on our weather maps, to messages of joy (or despair) from friends and readers around the mountains. We cross-reference this with our own observations and other trusted forecasts and reports - such as Tirol's excellent avalanche service. And then we add a big dollop of experience. As a result, it’s not often we get hoodwinked by dodgy ski resort statistics, or industry assurances that 'the upper slopes are skiing well' (when the lower slopes are a mixture of rubble and mud). Remember – most snow information is produced by people who have a vested interest in telling you conditions are amazing. We just want to be accurate. Have we missed something? Let us know at or on Twitter - especially if you can tell us on the day, the moment you’ve skidded to a halt at the bottom of the run. We loooove live updates!


Snow Report

March Warms Up | Snow Report

Snow Forecast for the Next 3-4- Days The freezing level will rise to 2,650m across much of Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland by Thursday bringing rainfall at village level today but snow above...