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Where to ski? In planning your skiing holiday that’s the most important decision you have to make. Statistically, you can ski in 6,000 resorts in 75 countries, let’s start by narrowing the field down by 75% - South Africa and North Korea don’t need to be on your list. The most popular European ski countries differ enormously in terms of price and facilities. France has the best mountain infrastructure with lots of purpose-built stations de ski offering ski-in, ski-out convenience. Austria and Switzerland have Christmas card-style villages with loads of atmosphere. Italy is known for its delicious food at good-value prices. Scandinavia is more of an all-round winter sports destination. Andorra and Eastern Europe are the best budget resorts, with plenty of vibrant nightlife. North America is more expensive to get to but once you’re there food prices are more reasonable, the standard of tuition is extremely high and instruction from a native English-speaker is a massive advantage. Apartments tend to be larger and better equipped than the average in the Alps.  

Where's The Best Place for Me?

Everyone has a different priority – challenging terrain, easy runs, long runs, linked villages, snow surety, low prices, good restaurants, short airport transfers, ski convenience, a choice of ski schools and childcare, decent nightlife... the permutations of these are endless. The guides below are designed to get you up-and-running with some basic characteristics you may be looking for, but once you've got a better handle on things you may decide to assess each resort on its individual merits instead. Of course, you might already have somewhere in mind. In the ski resort listings, you'll find a whole guidebook of useful information about your favourite resort. Go check out our encyclopaedia of ski resorts now.   

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