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Kids’ Cartoon for Learning the Skiway Code

The Half Term holiday reminder to stay safe out there on the slopes

Do you know the skiway code? Think of it as the green cross code for skiing – a set of rules that every skier on the hill should know and follow. To brush up on the rules of the mountain, go to the Piste X Code campaign – a bilingual on-piste safety campaign designed to remind all mountain lovers of the principles of safe skiing and snowboarding. It’s aim is to reduce the ever-growing number of unnecessary accidents and collisions in mountain resorts so we can all enjoy the beauty of the mountains in a safe, fun way.

This Half Term, the creators of Piste X Code have come up with a video for kids to help them understand the rules of the piste, ultimately helping them to stay safe out there on the slopes.

Monty’s Mountain Adventure – Stay safe on the pistes is an animated short film designed to deliver piste safety messages to children in a fun, engaging and memorable way. 

So, if you’re out there skiing with your family on the pistes this February Half Term, show your kids this video, stay safe and have fun!

The Piste X Code

The Piste X Code lists eight ways that you can keep yourself, your children and others safe in the mountains. Monty’s Mountain Adventure condenses these into five short and memorable lessons with Monty and his friends demonstrating each of them in turn on the mountain. Adults, need a refresher of the skiway code? Here are the eight rules to follow when out and about on the mountain:

Ski and Snowboard Within Your Ability

Control your speed, avoid other mountain users.

Consider Your Choice of Path

The downhill skier or snowboarder always has the right of way. It’s your responsibility to avoid them. Leave space while passing.

Think About Where You’ll Stop

Always at the side of the piste, never in the middle! And never beneath the brow of a hill.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings 

Look up and down the slope before you set offor re-join the piste.

Set a Good Example for Children 

Teach children about piste safety and the importance of the Piste X Code.

Respect Signs and Markings

If a piste is closed, it’s closed for your safety. Watch for signs advising you to slow down.

Your Role If There’s an Accident

You are duty bound to assist. Cross your skisupright in the snow above the incident and call 112.

What Else Can You Do?

Be sensible with your alcohol consumption, don’t listen to music on the pistes and never use ski apps that challenge your speed.

The Piste X Code was established by Morzine, Haute Savoie residents Amie Henderson and Louise Paley in January 2022, following a series of tragic accidents and collisions in the French Alps. Since then the campaign has featured in a number of high profile publications, most notably The Sunday Times and Fall Line Skiing magazine. Funded entirely by donations and the sale of Monty pin badges, Amie and Louise continue to create awareness for the campaign as volunteers. To find out more, visit the Piste X Code website.

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