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Ski Fitness Exercises – Phase Five

Ski Fitness Exercises - Phase Five | Welove2ski
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This is the fifth and final part of our ski fitness guide, presented in association with Inghams. It’s been prepared by Dr Steve Ingham, head of physiology at the English Institute of Sport – and it’s aimed at those who were already fit when they started the programme, and have advanced beyond Phase Four before the start of their ski holiday.

This time, we’re not introducing new ski fitness exercises. So for the detail of what you should be doing in terms of stretching/circuits/strength/stability training, head to Phase Four. However, in order to push yourself a little further, you need to add an extra stamina workout and a purely strength-based circuit to the programme.

Ski Fitness – Phase Five

This is what you’re aiming for each week:
Three stamina workouts
Two circuit and strength workouts
One extra strength workout
Two stretching sessions
Two stability sessions


Try the following schedule

Monday: circuit+strength workout, plus stretching and stability
Tuesday: 25 minute run (inc 1×10 minute of high intensity effort)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: strength workout plus rowing and stepping
Friday: circuit+strength workout and stability training
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 30 minute cycle ride (3×5 minutes of higher-intensity effort), plus stretching

Visit Phase Four of our ski fitness programme to find out what stretching/circuits/strength/stability training you should be doing.


Stamina Options

Choose three from the following menu:
25-minute run/walk: start with five minutes at an easy pace, and include one ten-minute block of hard running. Finish with ten minutes at a steady pace.
15-minute run plus steps: start with five minutes at an easy pace. Once the run is complete, find a step 30-40cm high, step up for one minute, rest for 30 seconds and repeat ten times.
30-40 minute cycle ride: choose an undulating course, working hard on the hills.
20-minute rowing session plus steps: when the rowing’s done, do 5 x 1 minute steps (see above).


You should be more than ready for your ski holiday now. Once you’re in the resort, don’t forget to warm up your muscles in the morning, before you leave your accommodation, and do some light stretching at the top of the mountain before you start skiing. Stretching at the end of the day, once you’re back inside is also important. So too is staying hydrated and stocking up with carbohydrates as soon as the lifts close. This replaces your spent energy stores and prevents progressive fatigue.

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