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Where to Learn in Are, Sweden

Where to Learn in Are | Welov2ski
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When it comes to ski school Are, Sweden is like an American ski resort – there’s only one option. However, the ski school is a good’un – with lots of experience of teaching British skiers. Prices are similar to those you’ll find in the Alps.

We were particularly impressed on a recent visit by the approach to teaching beginners and early intermediates. There’s none of this nonsense about having to suffer for your art. It’s all about having fun, relaxing and feeling good about the way you ski.

Don’t worry about the language barrier, by the way. Almost all Swedes speak excellent English and love having the chance to practice. They also genuinely seem to like the Brits – it’s a very refreshing experience if you’ve done most of your skiing in France.

The only drawback is that the beginner area at Rodkullen is half-way up the ski area, away from all the accommodation, so first-timers and families with children will have to ride the (free) ski bus to get up there (and down again at the end of the day). The main lifts here are drags, too, which is fine for skiers, but will give first-time snowboarders nightmares.

For more advanced skiers, looking to push their skills to new levels, the ski school in Are, Sweden also runs a series of tempting half-day courses. You can discover the backside of the Areskutan, for example, or learn how to ski the local couloirs, or work on your carving on Are’s fast and uncrowded pistes. Kids and teenagers can also learn the basics of terrain park skiing, the price is 450 SEK a head (about £40), which looks like good value to us.

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