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Where to Learn in Moena

Where to Learn in Moena | Welove2ski
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There are two ski schools in Moena. The official Italian ski school Moena-Dolomiti is the biggest, with 50 instructors. It offers group and private lessons at both Alpe Lusia and at the Passo San Pellegrino – the two constituent areas of the Trevalli.

The Associazione Maestri Sci Moena is a group offering ski lessons only at Alpe Lusia.

For a five day course of group ski lessons, prices are comparable to those in France and Austria, though you get more hours for your money than France. (In case you’re wondering, Switzerland is the most expensive place to get tuition, thanks to the strength of the Swiss franc).

But the cost of private ski lessons is much lower. Two hours with an instructor for two people is less than two thirds of the price you’d pay with a British ski school in the likes of Meribel or Courchevel.

We’d strongly recommend booking private lessons. Group lessons can be lots of fun of course: but the problem for Brits in Moena is the lack of English-speaking classmates in group ski lessons (most clients are German, Czech, Polish or Italian).  By booking a private instructor (and insisting you’re assigned one who speaks good English), you’re not going to have bilingual lessons, and you’re also going to get a more informal atmosphere, as well as lots of individual attention. You’re skiing will improve much more quickly as a result.

What’s more if there’s four of you in your private group, it becomes almost cheap.  At 2012 prices, two hours would cost roughly €32 – which means you could have five days of instruction for the same price as joining a class.

By the way, this rule applies to children too. Learning to ski is hard enough for them – you don’t want to drop your little’uns into an environment where everyone is speaking a different language as well.

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