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New Travel Insurance For Both Covid-19 and Skiing

Interesting news for skiers who want to take advantage of the UK government’s Test to Release programme.
Travel Insurance for Both Covid-19 and Skiing | Welove2ski
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Interesting news for skiers who want to take advantage of the UK government’s Test to Release programme, which launches on December 15. High-risk insurance specialist Battleface has just added wintersports cover to its Travel Medical policies.

The company – part of Tangiers Insurance Services – specialises in insurance to far-flung destinations, which are often the subject of FCDO travel warnings, including those relating to Covid-19.

The insurance doesn’t cover pandemic-related holiday cancellations or lockdowns. But it does cover you for medical expenses and evacuations if you fall ill with Covid-19, provided you are aged 59 or under.

The Wintersports coverage includes off-piste skiing or snowboarding with a guide, as well as for the loss of wintersports equipment up to a value of £750 (£500 for a single item). But it doesn’t include off-piste skiing without a guide, all freestyle and acrobatic skiing, competitive skiing and loss of skiing time due to piste or lift closures.

Premiums vary, but amongst the sample quotes provided by Battleface is £56.90 for a one week Swiss holiday for a 53 year-old skier between 09/01/2021 and 16/01/2021, and £91.34 for a couple (aged 32 and 34) travelling to France from 20-27/02/21.

Battleface joins a very select group of insurers which now offer both Covid-19 medical cover and wintersports insurance if you’re travelling to countries which are subject to Covid-related FCDO warnings. (part of Online Travel Insurance Services Ltd) also offers both types of cover, but is the only other policy we know of so far. Please do let me know if you hear of others.

The other option for skiers travelling against official UK government advice this winter is to double up on policies – for example with Staysure and MPI.  

NB: Always read the small print before you buy an insurance policy to make sure it has the cover you need.

Many thanks to Fiona Easdale of Val d’Isère chalet specialist YSE for her input to this article.

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Sean Newsom

As well as founding Welove2ski in June 2007, Sean has written about skiing and snowboarding in the British press for 28 years. For the last 20 of them, he’s also been the ski travel editor at The Sunday Times.


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  • I’m slightly confused concerning the cover for off-piste skiing. In Para.5, 1st sentence you state ‘Battleface’s wintersports coverage includes off-piste skiing or snowboarding without a guide’ whereas in the second sentence, same para, you state ‘But it doesn’t include off-piste skiing without a guide,etc. Can you clarify please?

    Thank you

    Alan Penton

  • Sean, I was studying this yesterday for myself, and I think MPI put they will do both things. Then Battleface gave me a very expensive rate for both skiing and travel insurance for 14 nights… MPI was cheaper – pretty sure of it, just check it out