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You can blame Linda Wasell. Every since I saw her picture, below from Are in Sweden, I’ve been dreaming of Swedish cream. Or rather, Swedish cream cakes. Cream cakes are something you almost never see on the slopes – but it’s hard to imagine a more powerful mid-morning pick-me-up when teamed up with a cup of coffee. Especially when the photo is as lush as this one…

Swedish Cream | Welove2ski
Mmmmmmmmm. Picture: © Linda Wasell

Well, finally I got my chance today – at the top of the eight-man VM8 chair in the heart of Are’s ski area. I wasn’t disappointed. Cream cake, with extra cream, and a really nice cinnamon-y bit in the middle: if you ever ski here, and you don’t stop for one – well, you haven’t got your priorities straight.

(Click here if you can’t see the Swedish Cream video above.)

The cake was a great way to refuel on morning of fast, smooth skiing on the pistes immediately beneath the VM8 chair, as well on the gentler blues further north. There are some cracking runs here, and the views are a treat too. Either you’re hurtling straight down towards Are’s frozen lake, or else gazing out across a great stretch of empty country towards the Norwegian border. I like the views north best, into all that emptiness. This is big, big country…

Swedish Cream | Welove2ski
Our guide Anders gets up on his edges under the VM8 chair in Are in Sweden. Picture: ©
Swedish Cream | Welove2ski
Out there, out there! We saw a moose! Honest…Picture: ©

Many thanks to Neilson for the flights to Are in Sweden. The company runs an extensive holiday programme to the resort with all levels of accommodation included. You can also find lots of news and information about the resort at

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