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Best Ski Luggage of 2024

There’s a lot of gear involved in this lovely sport. Take a load off with this season’s top-rated ski luggage

Things to consider when looking to buy ski luggage

❄ Size it right If  you get a massive bag, you will fill it. Get your kit out at home and lay it out to see how much room you really need. The more you take, the heavier the bag, and often with very costly airline charges if you go over their limit. Pack right, pack light.

❄ Schlepping or short hop? Have a think about how you usually travel. Do you end up walking a lot, schlepping about, up and down stairs? If so, get a bag with a backpack harness, it’ll make life easier. Make sure you can tidy the straps away when checking it in at the airport. If it’s only a short hop between transport types, you may get away with just carrying the bag, so you don’t need wheels or backpack straps.

❄ Is it wheely necessary? Wheeled luggage can be very convenient along the smooth, flat floor of an airport. Little wheels are more hassle than they’re worth in resort, so work out if you really need them. If you do, go with large rubber wheels, preferably with some grip so they don’t slide all over the place, because snow is slippery. Wheels are a big benefit for ski and snowboard bags and the bigger hold-alls.

❄ Quality Buy the best quality bag you can It will last a long time, and you may well end up using it year-round. Most luggage for outdoor people is tough, so you can’t go far wrong with the main brands we’ve tested.

❄ Pack it down Traditional, large suitcases, which stay the same size whether they’re full or empty, are not great for skiing, simply down to their bulk. Ski accommodation can be snug, putting it politely, so you want to be able to hide the bag under a bed or on a wardrobe when not in use. Make sure it can easily be packed down small when empty.


Now for the bags…

Our pick of the best ski luggage of 2024

Black Diamond Stonehauler 90 duffel bag
Black Diamond Stonehauler 90 duffel bag

1. Black Diamond Stone Hauler 90L Duffle £180

A proper bag for proper adventures, this robust and distinctive duffle is built to haul your gear to the mountains. The 90L capacity is ideal for week-long adventures, with more than enough storage for on- and off-the-hill clothes, boots, hardware and anything else that you haven’t managed to squeeze into your ski bag and/or hand luggage. Plus the Bluesign 100% recycled material is sufficiently soft and malleable so that once you’ve unpacked you can easily roll it up, secure it with the free ski strap and stuff it under your bed. blackdiamondequipment.com        




DB Roller Pro 127L ski bag
DB Roller Pro 127L ski bag

2. DB Roller Pro 127L £279

It was the world’s first length-adjustable, compressible, rib-protected ski and snowboard bag and it’s been renamed and had some tweaks, but hasn’t lost its appeal. The large puncture-proof wheels roll easily, which comes in handy when the roller is fully loaded.

You can get a lot of kit in it, and it hooks on to the other DB luggage to make you a portage master. Internal compartments help organise your kit, and DB’s 360° patented Rib-Cage Construction protects your valuable ski gear. Available in a range of colours. uk.dbjourney.com  


DB Hugger Roller Bag 90L
DB Hugger Roller Bag 90L

3. DB Hugger Roller Bag 90L £309

DB kit is not cheap. There, said it. Anyone who uses it seems to absolutely love it, and having tried their gear we can see why. This monster wheely can easily swallow a lot of kit, and anything you can’t get in there will go on the Roller Pro. We love the way you can hook the Roller Pro to this bag, so you’re not running back and forwards every 50 yards to retrieve another bag. If you’re not part of the minimalist packing brigade (which we definitely are not), you owe it to yourself to check out the DB kit. It is beautifully made and all works together harmoniously. uk.dbjourney.com  


Lange Racer ski Bag
Lange Racer Bag

4. Lange Racer Bag £135

Definitely one of those things you never knew you needed until you use it, then you can’t live without it. This is what racers use to lug all their kit around, but don’t think you’ve got to be a racer to benefit from it. There’s tough 600D polyester material with side pockets for your boots, to stop all the other kit getting wet. It also has a helmet net and fleece-lined goggle pocket. There’s enough space for most kit, and it has a backpack-style carrying system, for light work of long trudges. lange-boots.com    


Osprey Sojourn Shuttle Wheeled Duffel 30in/100
Osprey Sojourn Shuttle Wheeled Duffel 30in/100

5. Osprey Sojourn Shuttle Wheeled Duffel 30in/100 £320

Backpack specialist Osprey make a load of different luggage solutions, but the Sojourn is the ultimate in convenience. Made of a heavy-duty Bluesign-approved 100%-recycled high-tenacity nylon main body and bottom fabrics, with big rubber wheels and an extendable handle. The way the wings wrap the load, securing and protecting your smalls and valuables, is ace. There’s a separate boot bin for keeping dirty footwear from ruining your favourite kit. There’s a hidden strap to connect other pieces of luggage and it comes fitted with Travel Sentry luggage ID so you don’t have to display your personal details in a bag label, but you can still be contacted if it’s lost. osprey.com



Osprey Transporter Waterproof Duffel 100
Osprey Transporter Waterproof Duffel 100

6. Osprey Transporter Waterproof Duffel 100 £300

A lot of bags keep the odd rain shower and snow at bay, but what do you do if you want to make sure your kit doesn’t get wet, not even a little? This is where the waterproof duffel steps in. It may seem a little extravagant, but if you’re into being outdoors it can be a very welcome purchase. We use one year-round, as we’re often stood in resorts sorting various faff (and people) out, and our luggage can get totally covered in snow without us having to worry. We’ve thrown it on boats, it’s been drenched on rivers and never an issue. osprey.com

The North Face Base Camp Duffel, large
The North Face Base Camp Duffel, large

7. The North Face Base Camp Duffel Large £140

The North Face Duffel is a ubiquitous piece of luggage. It’s not just for going on holiday either, you end up using it a lot. It’s made from PFC-free recycled material. With removable padded rucksack-style shoulder straps it’s easy to move between plane, train and automobile. Super durable, water resistant and available in a massive range of colours and sizes, you may well end up wanting quite a collection. There’s a mesh lid-mounted organiser inside, and we find the daisy chain-style lashing points way more useful than we’d envisaged. When not in use they pack real small, so you’re not constantly stepping over them in that pokey ski apartment you’ve rented for the week. thenorthface.co.uk

The North Face Rolling Thunder 36in huge bag
The North Face Rolling Thunder 36in

8. The North Face Rolling Thunder 36in £315

Go big or go home. This thing is massive, with a whopping 155 litres of space inside. There are smaller versions, but we’ve used this a lot and it is epic. It’s so big, it doesn’t even have an extendable handle, due to its length. When it’s standing up, the top handles are high enough to comfortable hold, easily rolling it along on the large rubber wheels. An internal support keeps it from falling over when loaded and stood on its end. There are a host of pockets to organise your gear, and just about the only thing you can’t fit in is a snowboard, skis or poles. Avy airbags, helmets, boots; we’ve managed to fit them all in at the same time. We’ve even travelled through Africa with ours and it’s still going strong. We bought it years ago, and it just keeps going. The main thing to note is it will not be the one for you if you want to save weight. It is a heavy bag, designed for carrying heavy loads. thenorthface.co.uk  


If you’re new to skiing, check out our Beginner Skier’s Shopping List to help you cut through the what-can-seem endless list of kit you’re told you need for a ski holiday.

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