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Where to Eat in Samoens

Where to Eat in Samoens | Welove2ski
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On the mountain, try the Refuge l’Igloo (+33 450 90 14 31), at the top of the Morillon chair on the ridge above Les Carroz. In the same area, the Chalet des Molliets (+33 450 90 05 09) is also rated. Le Gite du Lac de Gers (+33 450 89 55 14) is a unique restaurant located in a remote area only accessible via a 14km run, La Cascade. At the bottom of the run, skiers press a button to call the restaurant’s owner who will come to pick up them up on his snowmobile. The restaurant is only open when snow conditions are good enough to get there!

In the village, La Maison de Fifine mixes gastronomic French fare such as foie gras, with local specialities like fondue. The restaurant in the charming Hotel Neige et Roc features local produce. Le Monde à l’Envers (+33 450 34 19 36) is rated by a reporter. Another thinks Le Grenier à Babou (+33 450 34 12 51) – where the local speciality is pancakes – in Sixt-Fer-Cheval, is better. Meanwhile, back in Samoens, Muscade et Basilic (+33 450 53 65 22) has been described as: “Very charming, with nice food. Considering it was quite posh, they were very welcoming with the children too.”

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