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6 Beauty Tips For Looking Good On the Slopes

Look Good on Snow | Welove2ski
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Going on a skiing holiday is probably the most exciting and glamorous event in our calendar, but it’s also the time that our face and hair is exposed to some extremely harsh conditions. You can often end up looking like a wind-swept yeti and not the James Bond ski babe that you had in mind. In this post I have compiled a list of my top winter beauty tips for looking fabulous on the slopes.


1. Pre-Holiday Hair Treatment

Winter Beauty Tips | Welove2ski

The air at high altitude and in the cold is dryer than it is in summer so it’s a good idea to inject some moisture into your hair – especially before a trip to the mountains. Applying a hydrating mask once a week before your trip will stop your hair becoming dry and brittle.

The Kérastase Nutritive mask works miracles, but you can also find similar, cheaper options. Central heating (which is always set on high in ski resorts) can also dry out your scalp, making it flaky and irritated. I recommend trying a soothing, anti-dandruff shampoo such as Redken Scalp Relief which has an excellent calming effect.


2. Hide It Away

Winter Beauty Tips | Welove2ski

If you’ve got long hair and you’ve been skiing before, you’ll be well acquainted with the agony involved in brushing your hair after a session on the slopes. You’ll also know about ‘helmet hair‘ – squashed flat, even if it is protected from the elements.

One idea is to tie your hair in a small bun at the nape of your neck and secure it with an invisible hair net for extra support. When the time comes for lunch or apres undo the bun and your glorious, unscathed hair will be revealed (and no one will ever know you took a head-first tumble down the mountain). If you’re a bit of a ski bunny and care about style on the slopes why not opt for an invisible clip-in ponytail? Invest in one of Hershesons beautiful hair pieces and let it face the elements while your own hair is safely snuggled away.


3. Snow-Proof Makeup

Winter Beauty Tips | Welove2ski

Yes, some people may consider wearing makeup on the slopes a ridiculous idea, but a few simple products will transform you into the ultimate ski babe. Being waterproof (and sweat-proof depending on how seriously you take skiing) and looking natural is the key. Choose a foundation that will stay put no matter how much snow you throw at it.

I highly recommend Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks; they are grease based so have excellent staying power and create a very natural, dewy finish. They are very easy to apply and great for lunchtime touch-ups. To complete the look, just add lashings of good waterproof mascara. You don’t want to look overdone just naturally fresh. The cold air will do the rest of the work – giving you rosy cheeks and bright eyes.


4. Avoid the Goggle Tan

Look Good on Snow | Welove2ski

There is something incredibly attractive about getting goggle marks – everyone will be able to guess where you’ve just been when you return to the office on Monday morning. However, dodgy tan lines and burning your skin is not a wise idea. Fresh snow is good at reflecting the sun’s rays and almost doubles a person’s exposure to harmful UV radiation.

As ski resorts are normally located at a high altitude the atmosphere is thinner, and so the UV can be even stronger in these places. Using a sun screen that is at least SPF factor 30 (or SPF 50 is even better in spring) is extremely important to protect your skin from premature ageing and skin cancer. Having a burnt face is also likely to ruin your holiday.

Two good protective creams in handy sizes are Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 and Clarins Ecran Multi-Protection SPF 50. Looking after your lips is also important. Apply a lip sun screen with a high SPF throughout the day, especially after eating and drinking. Avoid ordinary lipsalves as they act like an oil to fry your lips. Not fun.


5. If You Can’t Fix It – Disguide It

a grey wool-like headband

A good friend once told me that it’s essential to carry dry shampoo and a headband while on a ski holiday as ‘It hides a multitude of sins’. I’m not one for big furry headbands, but she definitely had a point. Going straight from the slopes to lunch or apres is one of the most enjoyable things about a ski holiday, but many of us dread the moment the helmet comes off and what lurks beneath is revealed. A quick spray of dry shampoo will hide any sweat and the rest can be hidden with a headband. Quick and easy.


6. The Last Resort

Look Good on Snow | Welove2ski

Sometimes it’s impossible to preserve your inner glamour goddess while skiing so it’s important to have a backup plan. Invest in a stylish mini hip flask and just enjoy yourself.


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Rebecca Thoirs

Rebecca is a passionate skier and loves skiing in Scotland. She currently lives in Verbier, running The Face Bar ('hair and make up artistry') thefacebarverbier.com and the website, skistyle.net, which offers ski fashion reviews and inspiration.


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