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How to Tell that Winter has Started in Courchevel

Winter in Courchevel | Welove2ski
Photo: Caitlin Smith/Le Ski.

People are walking around in ski gear…

Biking season is over. There’s LOADS of snow. There’s a tangible buzz in Courchevel this week: we’ve had masses more pre-season snow than usual, and this Friday the heavens cleared to reveal truly stunning mountain scenes. The roads were cleared as usual, but the chaos continued as drivers pulled over to whip out their phones and snap away at the heavily laden trees and photogenic peaks.

The seasonnaires are brand new

Talking of heavily laden, coaches of new season workers have been rolling into town. With orange ‘Heavy’ stickers slapped all over their baggage, lugging their possessions into their new bedrooms has been a bit trickier than usual, but it’s a nice welcome for those new to the resort to see it in all its glory. Good luck to everyone training at the moment. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!

Winter in Courchevel | Welove2ski
Photo: Caitlin Smith/Le Ski.

It seems like everyone I meet is going up to Courchevel to ski two weeks earlier than anticipated on November 23: a generous and marketing-savvy offer from the powers-that-be, with free lifts and parking for a one-off ski day. Perhaps the Société Trois Vallées will be trialling their new ‘hybrid’ pistebashers? Reputedly reducing emissions by 20%, this is another smooth move by the resort to win favour with tourists and put all those lift pass dividends back into proving Courchevel is one of the very top places to ski on god’s white earth.

Judging by the graceful curves adorning the front de piste in Moriond, the more adventurous types have already donned their touring gear and headed up for some quiet turns before the masses descend at the weekend.

With temperatures due to drop well into minus figures next week, even if nothing else falls until January, anyone coming to ski pre-Christmas or during the school hols is going to have a fantastic ski trip.

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