Nine of the Best Hotels to Choose From in the Zillertal

Fancy a late summer week in the Austrian Tirol? Here are a few of the hotels to consider (they’re open in winter, too)

Hiking Up and Swimming Down in Alpbach

In summer little Alpbach reverts to being the perfect destination for hikers, bikers and other adventurers…

Trail-Running in the Alps: A Beginner’s Guide

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Edelweiss Guinness World Record

What’s small and white as well as clean and bright? The answer is found in St Anton.

Skiers Becoming Greener

They expected 70 volunteers, but 124 turned up to collect litter from winter 2016/17.

Attempted Harikiri on a Mountain Bike in Mayrhofen

Anyone who skis seriously is familiar with that hopefully infrequent moment when it all goes disastrously wrong.

Summer Lunch With A View

The Zillertal has 532km of walking paths, 8 Via Ferratas, one third of the area is national park, and 40 mountain huts are open in summer.

A Big Alpine Adventure

The best Alpine adventure parks use the outdoors as a natural gym for adults to hone their fitness and children to use their imagination…

Cycling to Get Fit for Skiing: With 10 Tips

Welcome to our new Summer section, where you’ll find tips on what do you do in the in-between times, when there’s no snow on the ground.

Six Ways to Fill the Gap Between Ski Seasons

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