First September Snow in the Alps | Welove2ski
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First September Snow in the Alps

For the second weekend running, the eastern Alps have just had a winter preview.
First September Snow in the Alps | Welove2ski
Just like last week. The Stubai Glacier on Saturday. Photo: Stubai Glacier/Facebook

You probably think you’ve opened last week’s Snow Report by mistake. But no: a week after the first snow of late summer in the Alps, we’ve had another dusting. Once again, it was the eastern half of the region that had the lion’s share.

Here’s how it looked in on the slopes below the Tirol’s Kaunertal Glacier on September 1.

First September Snow in the Alps | Welove2ski
Photo: Kaunertal Glacier/Facebook

And this was the scene above Livigno in Italy on the same day.

First September Snow in the Alps | Welove2ski
Photo: Livigno/Twitter

Already, most of the snow has melted, although there are still traces on the highest peaks and ridges. This webcam shot was taken this evening on the Diavolezza, south of St Moritz.

First September Snow in the Alps | Welove2ski

Of course, it’s great publicity for the ski season ahead. But no-one who lives in the Alps wants the snow to stick around just yet (except on the glaciers). They’ll be glad to know the low pressure system over Italy that caused it is moving on, and by Wednesday warm sunshine will have returned.


But the mid-range forecast is changeable, to say the least. Friday should see another spell of cooler, wetter weather, followed by a toasty late-summer interlude. But it won’t last long. I’m surprised. The heat of July and August is draining away earlier than I expected.

(Check out our guide to early-season skiing if you’re planning a trip in November or early December.)

Meanwhile, spring has sprung Down Under…

It’s been a week of sunshine and parties in the resorts of New Zealand and Australia.

First September Snow in the Alps | Welove2ski
Photo: The Remarkables/Facebook

In NZ, The Remarkables staged the Red Bull Jump & Freeze at the weekend. But even though this is a classic spring event, there’s still plenty of snow. In fact, the resort is hosting a Freeride World Tour qualifying event tomorrow.



Meanwhile, in Thredbo, Australia they’ve just had their Rainbow Mountain weekend.

In the South Island of New Zealand they’re expecting a settled period of sunshine, but the Snowy Mountains of Oz could get a top-up on Thursday and Friday this week.

There are similar hopes in the resorts of the southern Andes such as Bariloche – although it looks as though the snow won’t get as far north as the mountains around Santiago.

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